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String Processing

String is one of the existing data types in data structure.String is a common data type used in all programming languages.String definition as adopted by almost all programming languages, is a set of letters, numbers and symbols ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) and other Unicode.Although a lot of string operations operations that can be done in the programming languageThere are three important operations:

1. Substring:Finding a string section in a string intact. 
2. Determining the length of a string. 
3. Determining the position of a particular character dalam a string.

Solving a piece of string into pieces which he said is a very common application, many programs from Web applications to office use this format string.Split method to solve them takes a certain string into the parts and then put the sections into an array of String.This split method focuses on the separator character to determine where to split a string. we can specify the separator between words when we use this method split.Dalam many applications to export data in a form that restricts the string of characters between said comma (,), where the export file that is often shaped CSV (Coma Separated Values).Join Method acting in the opposite direction of the split method. Method join mnggabungkan word string words into a whole. Thus these two methods (split and join methods) can be used for the opposite function.Join method is used to combine the words before we send it to the other party.Method of comparison or to.dengan compare this method allows us to determine the relationship must have happened between the two string objects.Equal method can be called from the object string and take other objoek string as an argument and then do a string comparison of the two objects are characters per second karakter.jika string object that has the same character, method will produce value equal True.Remove method is one in a string processing methods.Remove method takes 2 arguments: the starting position and the number of characters that will be deleted. Remove method using the same position for insertion strings when deleting NAME NAME and removal of specified length value is the length of variable NAME. This allows us lo NAME remove variable, whatever its length.Replace method is one in a string yangk method basically takes 2 arguments are strings that will be replaced and the string will replace ykang. This replaced the method will eventually return a new string.String method is also often used is ToUpper is a method which can convert a string from lowercase to uppercase (capital) or otherwise of small kehuruf case. namely toLower.