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Jeruk Bali

Jeruk Bali, Kikis Cholesterol, Protect Heart Pomelo health benefits. Gynecology pektinnya more than other types of citrus. Pectin is believed to be able to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.
Almost everyone knows grapefruit. Distinctive taste and shape. The skin is often used of children in rural areas as raw materials cars.
Fresh meat and fruit that contains water, can be eaten after a peel or a mixed salad or rujak.

White-colored fruit can be candied after removed the outer skin contains many oil glands. In Vietnam, the fragrant flower used to make perfume. Not only that, the wood is often used to handle the kitchen tools utensils.

Useful grapefruit lowers cholesterol and fight heart disease. The fact was revealed by researchers from Israel as was released in various sites of the world's health.

The study involved 57 people with high cholesterol levels and a new surgery coronary artery bypass. Fat content is very high causing the patient's body immune to the drugs normally used to lower cholesterol.

Patients were then divided into three groups. The first group were given grapefruit dish with red meat for 30 days in a row. The second group was given white grapefruit. The last group was given no grapefruit at all.

Result, the patient first and the second group both decreased blood fats, while patients in the last group did not experience any changes. Given also that red grapefruit is believed to more effectively reduce levels of fat, especially triglycerides.

Lycopene content of grapefruit useful to improve stamina. According to researchers, meat and fresh fruit juice has the same benefits. These findings are reported in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.


The experts from Jagiellonian University, Poland, discover, grapefruit extract contains antibacterial and antioxidant that can, Äúmenenangkan, Au abdominal lymph system to help the healing process. Dr. Thomas Brzozowski, head of research, suggested that ulcer sufferers include oranges into their diet although naturally acidic.

This patient injury during gastric juice were asked not to enter into their diet, but this research suggests just the opposite. Extract is believed to reduce levels of the enzyme COX-1 and COX-2 is in medicine.

This condition plays a major role in the effort penybuhan stomach. The researchers believe grapefruit extract can merge with the second enzyme in the stomach penyembuhah process.

Not only useful to keep a healthy heart and stomach, grapefruit is also good for the health of the gums because of vitamin C levels was high. This was revealed Researchers at the Friedrich Schiller University, Germany, who discovered the link on their gum health which consume a lot of grapefruit.

The study involved 58 respondents who experienced damage severe enough gums. In fact, grapefruit positive impact when consumed every day for about two weeks. In fact, the positive impact it is also true for smokers and nonsmokers. As we all know smoking is one of the main causes of damage to the gums.

Other benefits of grapefruit, the red blood cells clean up the old in the body and normalize the hematocrit (percentage of blood cells per volume of blood). As well as a source of antioxidants cancer antidote.

Jus Most Favorite

In addition to consumption of fresh grapefruit is often processed in the form of juice. When making juice, you can mix with the ingredients grapefruit or other fruit, so it became more enjoyable.

The following examples draw on a balk grapefruit for health:

Source of vitamin C and cholesterol-lowering
Consumption of two, Äúsiung, Au (pieces of fruit) a medium-size grapefruit every day for maximum benefit.

Beverage antioxidant and anticancer
Take one medium grapefruit that have been peeled and removed its contents. Enter into a blender, add enough water. Can also add one sedok honey and other fruits such as mangoes or pears.

Alternatively, take one medium grapefruit that have been peeled and removed its contents, and 1 cm ginger peeled. Enter all the ingredients into a blender with a little water added.

Cut the flesh grapefruit skin (outer skin removed) pie-shaped, boiled gently for 60 minutes. Rebusannya pee, drain, and then weigh it. Prepare sugar equal weight with the weight of orange peel that has been boiled.

Place the orange peel boiled in a saucepan, season the water until completely submerged, add the sugar. Simmer over low heat while stirring occasionally until a thick syrup. Lift, leave the peels remain submerged in the syrup overnight.

The next day, cook over low heat until the sugar syrup is low. Remove the orange peel from the syrup, spread out over nyiru, drying until half dry. Small cut length, put them in a covered container. For durability (1 month), store in refrigerator.

Besides eaten as snacks, candy skins, grapefruit can be mixed into the cake batter, especially to replace or sukade candied grated orange rind. Candied orange peel mixed with dried candied fruits will enrich the taste of fruitcake.

Fruit salad
Prepare 200 grams of papaya, 200 g apples, 200 grams of pineapple, 200 grams of melon (all diced), and medium-size grapefruit that have been peeled, removed its contents, and cut into pieces according to the taste. Add strawberries and kiwi for garnish.

Prepare the dressing ingredients well, mix avocado which has been blended smooth with mayonnaise. Add four tablespoons of honey, and blend until smooth with mixer unit, give enough water and mix well. Raw fresh fruit arranged in a bowl or plate, then doused with dressing.

Ingredients Orange Bali

Content of lycopene in grapefruit is high enough, which is 350 micrograms per 100 grams of meat. If synergy with beta-carotene (provitamin A) there is lots of grapefruit, lycopene may act as antioxidants.

Grapefruit pectin contains far more than any other citrus fruits after juiced. A serving of grapefruit juice contains more than 3.9 per cent pectin. Every 15 grams of pectin can lower cholesterol levels of 10 percent. Means that grapefruit can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Active substances of blood cleanser
Grapefruit contains a substance believed to be clean on the red blood cells that have been old in the body and normalize the hematocrit, the percentage of blood cells per volume of blood. Normal hematocrit levels in women is 37-47 percent, while men 40-54 percent. The low hematocrit will cause anemia, but if very high levels can lead to heart disease because the blood thickens.

Pomelo (gravefruit) is a source of potassium, vitamin A (440 IU), bioflavonoids, and lycopene (350 ug/100g). The results of research, including the anticancer grapefruit that both healthy prostate.

Vitamin C
Like other citrus, grapefruit is a source of vitamin C (350 micrograms per 100 grams of meat juice). Vitamin C is very good as a source of antioxidants.

Smokers are encouraged to grapefruit mengosumsi two, Äúsiung, Au (pieces of fruit) every day. Penigkatan levels of vitamin C in the blood capable of repairing damaged tissue, even cancer, due to unstable free radical molecules due to smoking and air pollution.

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