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Array in Data Structure

Array is a data structure that consists of many variables with the same data type, in which each element has a value of index variable. Each array element is able to store one type of data. Array is a type of structured data in the form of some kind of data (same data type) that the amount fixed and given a specific name. Array can be 1-dimensional array, 2-dimensional, even n-dimensional. Array is a static data structure, namely the number of elements that must be determined in advance, can not change when the program running. To declare arrays in PASCAL we must first: Defining the number of array elements.

Array Dimension One Dimension One Defining arrays in general is as follows: array with the type / the same type that has only one index is just a line or column only. MultidimensiArray multidimensional array consists of one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three dimensional and so on. The first index can be a second line and could be a third column and the contents or any other form.

A tape record compiled by several fields. Each field contains data of basic type / specific formation. Record has the advantage to save a set of data elements of different type (in appeal array).

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