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Pointer In Data Structure

Pointer is a pointer variable which points to a specific computer memory address. Pointer is a low-level variables that can be used to denote integer values, character, float, double, or single, and even the data types other language supported by C. Ordinary variables, static in nature and certainly, while the pointer is dynamic in nature and can be more flexible. Pointer variable that does not point to any value that has a NULL value, and referred to as: Dangling pointer because its value is not in the initialization and can not be predicted. Pointer declaring variables using the sign 
(*) before the variable name, whereas to display the value pointed to by a pointer variable, also used the service
 (*) asterisk. If you want to show the address where the value of a variable ditunjukoleh pointer, used the service
 (*) marks an ampersand. In an array of data types, Pointer variables need only point to his name only array variable without having to use an ampersand sign or point to a variable array at index zero is to it.

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