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Symptoms of Aneurysms

Symptoms of Aneurysms often not recognized,  The brain aneurysm that has not been broken in general symptoms are difficult to identify. In fact, the introduction of early symptoms is very important so that early treatment and not fatal.

The remark was made by Prof. Dr. Dr. Eka Julianta Wahjoepramono Sp BS, Saturday (17 / 4), the day was confirmed as a Professor of Neurosurgery in the field of Science Faculty of Medicine, University of Pelita Harapan. On that occasion, Prof. Eka read scientific papers "Neurosurgery: from the five senses to the sense of Maya, from the Brain Stem to Operation Giant Aneurysms."

Inaugural speech that explains the journey that previously relied neurosurgical senses merely to show a variety of sophisticated tools that make neurosurgery more developed. The event was attended by Prof. Peter Black's inauguration as President of the World Federation Neurosurgical Societies, the Harvard Medical School.

In his oration by Prof. Eka explained, is to inflate the artery aneurysms of the brain that can occur in any artery in the brain, especially on the branches and most occur in areas of existing willisi sirkulus arteriosus at the base of the skull. Inflate the blood brain that occurs because of muscle layers are not formed in the brain blood vessels so the walls become thin to be bloated due to boost blood flow in a long time. If the aneurysm ruptured, there was bleeding in the brain.

In a small patient symptoms can arise due to the pressure on the giant aneurysm, which is on neural structures in the vicinity. As many as 15-30 percent of patients with giant aneurysms rupture in his brain structure had early warning of some blood seepage from a brain aneurysm. The symptoms include severe headache accompanied by stiff neck.

Aneurysms that are not recognizable symptoms is very dangerous because it could happen again broke out. Broke the second time always result in more fatal and so on. Eka disclose, recognize signs of a mild outbreak of aneurysms while still very important to get the patient immediately on diagnosis and there is immediate action to prevent re-rupture. It is the duty of doctors to educate the neurosurgical community to recognize the signs and symptoms of a brain aneurysm rupture before so fatal.

Therapy to deal with a brain aneurysm usually by clipping or embolization procedures. Micro surgical clipping is aneurysm by clipping the neck so that the aneurysm was no longer teraliri blood from the parent blood vessel. Clamping level reaches 80-90 percent successful. While embolization is penyumpalan, or blockage of aneurysms. These procedures are done by doctors in Indonesia.

He said the handling of aneurysms is still very expensive, especially if patients present with severe conditions should be in the intensive care unit. "We, the doctors, attempt to provide assistance, such as freeing the patient is not capable of physician fees. However, if you've used the room in a hospital intensive care is very expensive because it can reach millions of rupiah per day, "he said. Availability of neurological surgeons also very limited.

Prof Black said, ideally with a neurosurgical physician ratio is the 1:250.000 population. However, in Indonesia, the ratio is still 1:2.000.000. (Ine)

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