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Turn off the elevator and ride Appliances

Turning off the elevator to third floor and up the stairs every time I was inside the building can be an alternative for those who do not have time to exercise. Besides saving energy, a habit that makes the body more fit and healthy. Thus one of the campaign carried PT Kalbe Farma Tbk as the producer Fatigon Hydro, a natural isotonic beverage derived from coconut water, in their health campaign "Get Up Get Active" which was launched in Jakarta on Wednesday (7/4/2010).

The campaign invites people to Jakarta, especially those living or working in urban buildings, to pick up the stairs rather than elevators. Or use the elevator started from the third floor upwards. "In addition to the public in an office building can move on, these activities also support the movement of energy-efficient," says Marketing Director of PT Kalbe Farma Widjanarko Lokadjadja.

Hopefully, this campaign for "Get Up Get Active" launched in conjunction with World Health Day can grow back the love of sports in Indonesian culture and raise public awareness about the importance of moving on and sports. The campaign is also supported by the Child Welfare Services and Community Bike to Work Indonesia.

In the event launch, the Deputy Governor of Control of Population and Housing Province of DKI Jakarta Margani Muhammad Mustard expressed support for the campaign. "The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta appreciate this event, which will someday be used as the culture. The impact will be wider, reducing energy use, and life expectancy is higher end," he said. PT Kalbe Farma express, this campaign will be carried out continuously in some cities, like Jakarta, Bogor, Makassar, and Yogyakarta.

Source:  - Friday, April 9 2010