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10 more ways to make money online

Money has always been an issue for many people and your not alone. Many people aren’t aware of the many solutions that they can do to possibly earn some extra money. The idea of making money online is attractive to many, primarily because of the benefits it offers. Making money online is mostly about customizing a monetizing formula for your blog. Depending on your skill level, network, and current traffic levels your blog has a variety of options. So find your blog’s formula below to maximize your earnings.

Start Your Own Online Store
Stocking up on merchandises and selling them on your own store front can strongly build up a reputable name for your store, especially if your store front is targeted only at a certain product that many people don’t offer. Making sure that your store is some what more unique and different from the other store fronts, can make your business that much more memorable in terms of branding and getting returning customers.

Sponsored Reviews
A sponsored review is basically an advertiser paying a blogger to write about their product or service. This can either be done through a ‘review site’ which facilitates the meet ups between bloggers and advertisers; or it can be done by individual bloggers who offer the service to advertisers for a flat fee. If your blog has a big audience you could also offer sponsored reviews directly, cutting off the commissions of the middleman.

Sell Your Website
Some people live for the thrill of a new project. If this sounds like you, then you may want to consider earning money by starting up and establishing new websites and then selling them off for profit.
Market places on online forums like DigitalPoint and Sitepoint are always active with website buyers and sellers. Keep in mind that they most used parameter to determine the value of a website is the monthly revenue that it generates, multiplied by a certain number (the multiplier can be anything from 5 to 30, depending on the expectations of the seller, on the quality of the site, on the niche and other factors).

Private Forums
A lot of popular websites will incorporate a message board or forum for their readers to interact with one another. You can generate revenues by charging a small fee for membership on the board, or for access to special sections of the board. This creates a sort of ‘exclusive club’ where members can talk about industry-related topics, exchange valuable information, and socialize. Charging $5-10 a year per user can add up after membership starts to grow.
SEO Blackhat charges $100 monthly from its members, and they have thousands of them. Obviously in order to charge such a price for a forum membership you need to provide real value for the members (e.g., secret techniques, tools, and so on).

Premium Content
If you’ve built up a solid website with some really excellent resources, you may consider charging people for access to your premium content. That means creating an area that non-members cannot access unless they pay a small fee. For people who are able to offer readers valuable information, this is a great way to generate some income and help your readers appreciate your content more. Great example of premium content is SeoMoz.
Ebook Sales
If you’ve got a blog or website about a particular niche, why not capitalize on it by writing an ebook? Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a brilliant writer to create a useful handbook on a subject that you are familiar with. If you write a blog, you can write a decent ebook. The best way to understand the process is by learning how to write an ebook and then how to sell it.

Theme or Template Sales
To get this money making product going you first need some serious design skills or the money to pay for someone to develop it. Once a unique design is created premium themes can go from $19 -$200. There is great earning potential in creating themes and another very advantageous bonus. When you create your theme a link is put into the footer of the theme with your blog’s url. So the more themes that are used the more backlinks to your blog. Brian Gardner and Unique Blog Designs are two examples of websites that make money with the sales of premium and custom WordPress themes.

Job Boards
All the popular blogs are trying to leverage job boards to make some extra income. A great example of this is Problogger’s job board. The advantage of this method is that it is passive. Once you have the structure in place, the job listings will come naturally, and you can charge anywhere from $10 up to $100 for each.

Membership Site
If you have the drive to make great lessons, tutorials, classes, or other content worthy of a membership site then you should definitely do it. They are all the rage right now and show a great way to earn a regular income. With new products online, the set-up has never been easier. I would definitely check out the resource if you have ever thought about a membership site.

Join Referral Programs
Just joining referral programs and referring your friends and family members can easily earn your first hundred. I wouldn’t be surprised if you took it to the next level and started joining affiliate programs to refer people online that you don’t even know. Referral programs can be tremendously effective if you have a large audience to work, however, it may take time to build a large audience.

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