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Gambar Kura Kura Kolase Tugas Pelajaran SBDP

  Gambar Kura Kura Kolase  Disekolah pada pelajaran SBDP , Seni Budaya dan Prakarya, mendapat tugas membuat Gambar Kolase Kura-kura. Berikut ini adalah hasil prakarya yang aku buat, dengan warna Hijau di koombinasikan dengan Hijau tua pada bagian kaki, kepala dan ekor kura-kura.  Gambar Kura Kura Kolase Tugas Pelajaran SBDP Gambar Kolase Ikan Nemo Cantik . Cara membuat Gambar Kura Kura Kolase  Bahan bahan:  1. Pertama disiapkan dulu kertas yang berisi sketsa Kura kura.  Lihat: Koleksi Sketsa Kura-kura silahkan Download. 2. Kertas Origami  Kertas Origami pilih warna yang sesuai dengan gambar atau dengan warna yang diinginkan.  Beli kertas origami dengan tekstur dan warna yang berkualitas baik, untuk hasil yang baik. 3. Siapkan Pinset  Fungsinya untuk menempelkan guntingan kertas ke gambar sketsa kura-kura. 4. Siapkan Gunting kertas 5. Siapkan lem kertas  Untuk menempelkan guntingan kertas Origami. 6. Pinsil Gambar Kura Kura Kolase Tugas Pelajaran SBDP Cara membuat bentuk gambar kolase

The Green School in Bali

Welcome to the Green School. Our amazing campus has been created by master craftsmen, designers and builders, landscape architects and gardeners using a blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional materials and methods. The result is a truly inspirational teaching and learning environment that stimulates critical thinking and creative problem solving.

Our students receive an education that prepares them for the challenges of the future. One that provides a traditional academic focus with experiential, environmental and entrepreneurial learning along with our Green Studies and Arts programs. Students see that there is always a way of looking at an obstacle differently to find a solution.

Green School’s campus spans nearly ten hectares on either side of the Ayung River. One of our iconic structures is a stunning bamboo bridge that spans the river and is emblematic of what we aim to achieve at Green School: connecting learning with creativity; environmental responsibility with scientific knowledge; respect for self with respect for the many cultures represented in and around the School.

Through our unique Green curriculum, students will have more and more exposure to learning practical ways of looking after, and making the most of the environment. This learning will inform and empower them to become leaders of their communities and forerunners in the environmental stewardship that the planet so desperately needs.

We do not lose sight of students’ needs to be prepared for the next stage of their education, and for that reason, we hold onto certain conventions. But those conventions exist in a school that values as much as anything creativity, innovation and experimentation. Our students learn in elegant, curved structures constructed from 98% sustainable materials, and Green School counts among its power sources the extraction of biogas from animal waste, as well as a hydroelectric vortex generator and solar energies that are under construction. Our students are not just learning about Green, they are living it.
Green School’s uniqueness is further enhanced by our interaction with, and access by, the communities of the local Balinese villages which surround us. 10% of our students are Indonesian children who attend Green School through a generous scholarship program. We are grateful to be able to draw upon the cultural richness of Bali and Indonesia.

We are working towards becoming the global model of sustainable education. We invite you to view the different features of our website. Of course, there is no substitute for visiting Green School itself to experience first hand our unique teaching and learning environment. We hope to see you all here at some time.






The Green School in Bali

From our Managing Director, Chris Thompson.



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