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Graf In Data Structures

Graf is used to represent discrete objects
and the relationship between these objects.

Graf Types
Based on the presence or absence of a bracelet or double side on a graph,
then the graph is classified into two types:

1. Simple graph (simple graph).
Graph does not contain a bracelet and double-side is called
simple graph.

2. Graf-no simple (unsimple-graph).
Graph which contains the so-called dual or bracelet graph
not-simple (unsimple graph).

• Based on the number of nodes in a graph, then the general graph
can be classified into two types:

1. Graf finite (limited graph)
is a graph of the number of the knot, n, finite.

2. Graf an infinite (unlimited graph)
Graph of the number of the knot, n, no finite number of
called an infinite graph.

• Based on the orientation direction, the general graph in
distinguish the 2 types:

1. Non-directional graph (undirected graph)
Graph which side do not have direction orientation is called graph

2. Directed graph (directed graph or digraph)
Graph that each side is given the orientation direction is called a
as a directional graph.

Graf in its application:
Electrical circuits, chemical compounds of carbon Isomers etc..

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