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Linked List In Data Structures

Flat Chain or Linked List is one form of data structure, containing a collection of data (nodes) arranged in connectionconnect, dynamic and limited.Linked List are connected with the help of a pointer variableEach data in Linked List called the node (node)which occupies a dynamic memory allocation and usually in the formstruct that consists of several fields.Linked List or Flat-chain can be illustrated asone unit train.The train consists of several cars, each of the car is called the formation of the data type (struct).In order for these cars can be linked to each other is neededat least a hook that is called as a pointer.After declaring data types and pointers on the list, then we will try to make a list (linked list) is not a single spin or a car. There are some operations that we can make on the list, including: add, delete and edit of these cars.The essence of Linked list is a process (add, edit, delete) from car / node and how to connect between the carriage / node is .....