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Tree In Data Structure

In Data Structures, Tree is one of the data structureshaped like a tree, which consists of attackseries node (node) of each node is berhubungan.Node-invektor.Setiap connect by a node can have 0 ormore child nodes (child). A node that has a child node in -call the parent node (parent). A child node has only oneparent node. By convention computer science, Tree growingdown, not like in the real world tree that grows up.Thus the child node will be described under the nodeinduknya.Node in the base of the tree is called the root node (the root),while the node is located at the tip of tree pyramid is calledleaf node (leaf).Binary Tree (Binary Tree)In the course of data structures, will be specifically studiedfinger on the binary tree. Binary tree is a tree thateach knot can only have a maximum of 2 (two)No child node lebih.Pada binary tree, generally twochild node is called the position, the left and right.Some terms in the binary tree:- Size (size): the total number of existing nodes in binary tree.- Depth (depth): the long path that connects anode to node until the very end of her child (leaf).Depth is often called height.Full Binary Tree (Full Binary Tree)is a binary tree each nodenya has 0 or 2 child nodes.Perfect Binary Tree(Binary Tree Perfect) is a binary tree of all nodes leafnyais at a depth of samadari root node. Also calledas a Complete Binary Tree (Complete Binary Tree)Almost Complete Binary Tree(Almost Complete Binary Tree) is a binary tree of each0 node nodenyadapat have children, or have left, or ifhas a right to have kiri.Tidak should have the right course.Implementation of programming, in this subject will be indiscussed for binary trees only. Initial assumption is that the datato be inserted in the node, an integer data type.