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Tree In Heap sort

In Heap Sort Tree2.1 Definition of HeapIs a data structure that meets the tree-shaped nature of the heap that is, if B is a child of A, then the value stored at node A is greater than or equal to the value stored at node B. This causes the element with the largest value is always located at the root position, and the heap is called a max heap. (If the comparison is diterbalikkan smallest element always at the root node, the heap is called the min heap). Therefore, the heap used to implement queue prioriti. Operations that are used for the heap are:• Delete-delete-max or min: remove the root node of a max or min heap.• Increase or decrease-key-key: change the value stored in a node.• Insert: add a value into the heap.• Merge: merge two heap to form a new heap which contains all the elements forming the heap.