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Sop Healthy Against Cancer

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Translated by Wibowo Gunawan main points of the book the original author: Dr. dr. Tadeiicy:
how to make Vegetable Soup to fight cancer.

1.Radish (white): midium size 1 / 4 stick (kalo doubt, see photo attached)
2.Radish leaves her: 1 stalk (Shuhite dapatnya, because in the Indonesian market in general has
discarded. Indian people can use it as a vegetable. If you can leaf can collected, and then save it in a way if dilayu isis isis-dry to be used at the time need later on).
3.Carrots: 1 / 2 sticks fruit size was
4.Gobo / burdock root (Some call Ketela Japan, there is selling at Japanese supermarkets,in Surabaya can be purchased at supermaket Hoky or Papaya). The object can be seen in the photo attachment.
5.Shitake Mushrooms (Mushroom Umbrella): 1 stalk (fresh or dried only) Radishes with the leaves  Example gobo compared with Carrots

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How to process:
1.Clean materials without peeling the skin, because there Khasiatnya in the epidermis.When peeled, it will be lost Khasiatnya.
2.Do not be heated (kolop) before it, because it would damage the natural elements of the original material.
3.Do not be seasoning salt, sugar etc..
4.material cut in large sections.
5.Give the amount of water approximately 3x the volume of material.
6.cook over high heat until boiling to kill germs. Usually around 15-20minutes.
7.reduce heat and keep up to 1 hour, so all the juice out. To make it easier to also moved to the "slow cooking" cooker.
8.Strain and pour the soup into a glass of water or a bottle ready to drink.
9.If the rest, save in the refrigerator. In Indonesia, if left outside, stale 3-4 hours (sour).
10. Drink up period of 3 days.
11. Vegetable pulp may be eaten, because it is still very healthy. Says the author, to prove,please try planting around the roots of a tree, then your tree will flourish. Also remaining water vegetables that have expired if sprayed into perduan / potted plant dried flowers, will be fresh again. Try to prove, what was the author.

How to drink:
•A good drink when stomach (gastritis) not a lot of his acid. Ie: 15 minutes before eating or 30 minutes after eating.
•The number of drink: for patients with cancer: 600cc (aqua bottle is full or botel syrup / soy sauce / beer) to drink during the morning and afternoon 350cc. If not used to drinking a lot, then when the first drink may not lebihdari pause 5 minutes.
•The good drink containers instead of metal.Other things to note:
•Do not increase the dose of the material nor drink. Do not think the increase will can speed up healing. In this study counter-productive and willlowering efficacy of soup.
•Do not mix the formula with other herbs, because there is likely to reaction / chemical that can cause acidity and lower benefits.
•usually after drinking the soup, the temperature will slightly decrease, sometimes to up to 1 degrees celsius.
•For patients with kidney problems and diabetes, need to have additional combinations in other chapters

Where have not I enter in this note.
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Kasiat Broccoli Monday, January 12, 2009 3:20 PM
Broccoli cure lung disease
Date: September 16, 2008
Source: Daily Publication

NEW YORK - You suffer from lung disease? Do not worry. According to the researchers in the U.S., people who suffer from chronic lung or COPD can draw a profit from antioksida content contained in broccoli.
COPD is the fourth cause of death in the United States that affects more than 16 million people, and are often caused by smoking in the long term. The absence of treatment for this deadly disease and a number of drugs have not been able erbaru t also showed progress.

"In COPD, loss of critical systems that protect antioksida of inflammation and oxidative stress," explained research leader, Shyam Biswal, a professor in the department of environmental health and sainis pulmonary division and treatment of critical illness in the John Hopkins of Medicine in Baltimore.

Despite the loss of this system, COPD patients can undergo treatment with an activator. Ingredients called sulforaphane in the cabbage has memperlihatakn effectiveness in restoring antioksida gene activity. "So this could be a new way to do therapy," Biswal added.

One of the things that have not been understood in the case of COPD is why patients often experience oxidative stress. According to Biswal, "Now we know that the lung's defense system can be lost but the hope you can get it back. Now we know the targets that we have to build a therapy and see how the effectiveness."

Big problem in COPD which can not mamperbaiki suffered lung damage but can only avoid bacterial infection. "Most COPD patients have an infection in the lungs and then they die of it," said Biswal.

Team researchers found one gene called NRF 2 (nuclear factor erythroid-related factor 2) works as a master gene that activates many genes antioksida and pollution destroyers that protect the lungs from environmental police such as cigarette smoke.

Even so, the level of protein produced by NRF2, and one regulator, DJ-1 was lower in COPD compared to patients who did not suffer from the disease. This level keakutan related to patient condition. For this study, Biswal team took lung tissue samples from a number of smokers who suffer from COPD and no.

Researchers compared the samples to see the possibility of differences in levels between 2 NRF and COPD patients without the disease. They also studied the levels of two biochemical regulators NRF2, KEAP1 (blocking NRF2) and DJ-1 (which menstabilisasikannya).

The team found Biswall COPD patients have lower levels of antioksida NRF2, increasing signs of oxidative stress and showed significant decrease in NRF2 protein, compared with non-COPD respondents. Researchers also found that both groups have similar levels of KEAP1 but among COPD patients, the level of DJ-1 is lower. Altogether this indicates the existence of NRF2 but declined.

Thus agents that target the NRF, including sulforaphane found in broccoli, may someday be useful to provide a system of natural antioksida in COPD patients as an encouragement.

This strategy proved effectiveness in treating the disease. "It becomes more effective but more research still needs to be done," said Biswal. (msn / uri)
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