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Algorithm derived ari Algorism word that means the process of counting with Arabic numerals. Algorism word itself comes from an author of the famous Arab, Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khuwarizmi (al-Western Khuwarizmi be read Algorism). Khuwarizmi Al-wrote a book entitled "Kitab al-Jabar Wal Muqabala", which means "The Book of restoration and reduction" (The book of restoration and reduction). Algorism change from a word for word Algorith appears frequently in the wrong Algorism premises Arithmetic mean, so the suffix became-sm-THM. Finally he said slowly fade Algorithm is used as a method of calculation (Computing) in general, thereby losing its original meaning. In Indonesian the algorithm.The algorithm is a picture of the sequence of systematic steps in solving a problem.An algorithm is good and true to the nature of mepunyai properties:

FINITENES (finish)
An algorithm must end after a certain number of steps.

Every step of the algorithm must be defined precisely, the action action to be completed detailed secra be listed in each case.

INPUT (input)
The algorithm has a feedback input zero or more of the initial amount given before the algorithm begins.

OUTPUT (output)
Quantity that has a special relationship with the input input.

Effectiveness (effectively)
All operations that are used must be adequate and appropriate basic.

Efficient (Efficient)
All operations are used selau associated with funds, resources used in the aik algorithm that can solve the problem.

Communicative (communicative)
The algorithm is made must be understood by sipembuat after some time interval that the algorithm was written and the algorithm must be used by others.

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Rekursion in Data Structure

Rekursion The data structure is a process of calling itself a looping statement.
Recursive process in this data structure also allows for endless computing to the use of memory can not accommodate more.
So that needs to pay attention to the condition to stop the program execution process.
As implementation of this reekursi process include:
1. The process of calculating the factorial value of the positive integers.
2. find rows fibonnaci of an integer.
3. Tower of Hanoi game and others.

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Data structures introductory greetings

Data structure is one of the material taught in the learning process in Information Systems and Information Engineering.So much content from existing data structures and should be studied for students who follow the lessons and information systems Information Engineering.On this occasion I tried to summarize the various sources of material to be used for friends who are studying in this field.Although I may summarize the material has not been able to reference, but just breaking it ...Therefore let us learn even harder to complete the science we've got.Keep the spirit to learn ... Reach for your dreams dreams ..!!!

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